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Will Neighboring Homes Be Damaged After Termite Tenting Treatment?

August 3, 2022
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Termites cause severe damage to your home as it feeds on wooden structures and sometimes builds nests in them. You can seek reliable termite control services to solve this, but it might come with a hefty price. However, it can save you from more expensive costs of repairs and termite treatment procedures for larger infestations. One of the most effective solutions is termite tenting, but property owners can’t help but wonder if neighboring structures will also be affected. 

So will neighboring homes be damaged after a termite tenting treatment? The quick answer is no – the chances of damage to neighboring homes when termite tenting treatment is being conducted are slim. Termite fumigation involves using harmful chemicals to exterminate termite colonies, but these insecticides are contained safely in a large tent. More than this, only pest control professionals can conduct this termite treatment with strict protocols. 

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Should Neighboring Homes Worry About A Nearby Termite Tenting Treatment? 

Some neighboring homes of properties needing termite fumigation sometimes raise a few eyebrows about the treatment for fear that the termites might migrate to their homes or they will be harmed in any way from the potent chemicals used. Whether it's you or the property next door is the one about to have a tent fumigation treatment, you can rest assured that the termite extermination procedure wouldn't cause harm to nearby structures. 

The fumigation gas used for eliminating the termite colony in your home might be potent, but it will be contained in a sturdy tent. This way, there wouldn't be damage to neighboring homes when termite tenting treatment is in progress. 

The chemicals used are also potent enough to eliminate every termite activity, so they can no longer migrate to nearby structures, even the winged termites. Only pest management experts conduct this termite treatment with strict protocols, so you or your neighbors shouldn't worry. 

Why Neighboring Homes Worry About Your Termite Tenting Treatment 

While your fumigation tent treatment is less likely to cause harm to neighboring homes, their concerns about the procedure are still valid. Here are some of the reasons why nearby structures become worried about a property within their vicinity having a termite fumigation process: 

  • harmful chemicals in the fumigation gas 
  • fumigation gas being released into the atmosphere 
  • insecticide from the fumigation process harming plants and animals 

Anyone considering a tent fumigation procedure as a solution to a termite problem must seek the services of a trusted pest control company. This allows your termite prevention and extermination treatment to be as safe as possible. 

Why Termite Tenting Treatment Is Safe for Neighboring Homes 

Structural fumigation treatment is effective not only for eliminating drywood termite colonies and other termite species but also for many hard-to-reach pests. This is because of the potent insecticides in the fumigation gas, which also worries surrounding areas. 

But neighboring homes can rest assured that they’re safe from a nearby fumigation tent treatment because only pest control professionals can conduct the procedure, and they run tests before removing the tent. They have strict protocols to follow to also ensure the safety of their team and their practice, on top of the regulations by the government. Termites also wouldn't be able to escape to surrounding areas once the fumigation process has started. 

1) Only Experts Can Conduct Termite Tenting Treatment 

Structural fumigation is a complicated procedure that can be dangerous if not done properly. That's why pest control professionals need to undergo extensive training and receive certification first before conducting the procedure. If they haven't fulfilled these, they won't be allowed to do the treatment. 

2) Experts Run Tests Before Removing the Tent 

Some property owners are also apprehensive about dangerous chemicals being released into the atmosphere. But pest control service providers are pretty much aware of the dangers of this procedure for exterminating termite colonies. Because of this, they run tests to ensure that the chemicals are low enough and safe before removing the tent. This is also when the property owners can enter the structure. 

3) Termite Tenting Is Governed By Strict Regulations 

Pest control service providers are governed by the regulations imposed by states when it comes to conducting tent fumigation treatments. This is because this termite control solution involves using harmful chemicals that can penetrate walls, floors, ceilings, and other hard-to-reach areas. 

4) Termites Won't Escape to Neighboring Homes 

Other pests swarm to different areas when their nests are being disturbed, which usually happens when property owners have implemented pest control procedures haphazardly. It might seem like pests are being eliminated, but the infestation only worsens because the pests escape to different areas and start new colonies. Surrounding areas of a structure conducting termite tenting are worried about this reaction. 

But since this termite control treatment involves using strong chemicals, termites wouldn't be able to escape to neighboring homes – even termite swarmers of a subterranean termite colony wouldn't stand the chance of migrating to a different structure. Your neighbor shouldn't worry about you having a structural fumigation procedure for your termite infestation. 

What to Do When Having A Termite Tenting Treatment

Property owners considering fumigation tent services must also be responsible for keeping the process as safe as possible, aside from their trusted pest control service providers. If you're considering termite tenting for your termite problem, the things you can do are:

  • Address the termite infestation immediately - termite tenting might be effective, but it can be costly, and suitable for a large termite infestation. Before you ever reach the need to have fumigation tenting, you should be keen about the signs of termite activity. Seek regular termite services, like termite inspection and termite prevention.
  • Invest in termite prevention - you'll never know when a termite colony becomes at home in your structure -- invest in termite prevention steps, like applying termiticide, spot treatment, and others. 
  • Inform your neighbors about your termite tenting treatment - pest management companies may send out flyers or put up notices about a scheduled termite tenting treatment. Still, you should also inform your neighbors right away. 
  • Seek a trusted pest control company - since it's a complicated treatment, you should seek a trusted pest control company for termite services.

Termite tenting might be safe, but you also need to have some considerations to ensure the security and peace of mind of your neighborhood. Invest in the right termite services that will keep your structure and community protected from different types of termites. 

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Damage to neighboring homes when termite tenting treatment is in progress can be pretty rare, so surrounding areas should have nothing to worry about. Highly-trained and certified pest control experts perform these types of termite services. Seek a reliable pest management expert for your termite tenting treatment and other termite services. 

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