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New York City Roaches Extermination Services

Positive Pest Management of New York City provides the highest quality Roach Exterminating Services to residential and commercial customers in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. By the time you find a few roaches in your home, there many more will be nearby. Positive Pest Management has the experience and skill to handle any extermination situation related to these or other pests.

Any of your bug and pest problems will be quickly eliminated with quality & warrantied extermination work.

Cockroach Exterminator NYC

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Cockroaches transmit diseases, contaminate food, and induce allergies. If someone in your building has them, Guess what? You Have Them Too! Some female cockroaches mate once and are pregnant for the rest of their lives.

Your home is an ideal breeding ground for most species of cockroaches. With plenty of food, warmth, water and nesting sites, they can remain active all year round.


Cockroaches have existed for millions of years and there are thousands of species throughout the world today. Some of the more common species include the German cockroach, the American cockroach, the brown-banded cockroach and the Oriental cockroach. The German cockroach and the American cockroach are the two most common roaches in the New York City area.

  • Can survive a month or more without food, but less than two weeks without water.
  • Have an acrid odor that may permeate items with which they come in contact.
  • Can transmit bacteria and organisms responsible for diseases in humans including food poisoning, cholera, dysentery, salmonellosis and strep.
  • A study by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a report in the New England Journal of Medicine indicate that exposure to cockroach allergens is a major health concern for asthmatic children.

HABITAT : They are active mostly at night, and hide in dark crevices during the day. If cockroaches are seen during the day, the population may be high and the available harborage is full, or food and moisture are in short supply resulting in daytime foraging. Cockroaches prefer to stay close to moisture and food and are generally found in the kitchens and bathrooms.

LIFE CYCLE : Cockroaches are highly successful due to the high rate of reproduction. The female carries the egg capsule protruding from the rear of her abdomen until the eggs are ready to hatch. Each egg capsule will contain 30-48 nymphs (young). It takes 28 days from the initial formation of the egg capsule until it hatches. Formation of the next egg capsule usually begins within 2 weeks. Nymphs require as little as 40 days to become a mature adult. Adult cockroaches of most species can live up to one year.

At Positive Pest Management, we take great pride in our organization and strongly believe that our services should always exceed our customer’s expectations. Our highly competent professional staff is always eager to help you with any of your exterminating needs.

Operated by Benett Pearlman who is a former Regional Director of the New York State Pest Management Association. Mr. Pearlman spent 10 years as NYPMA’s regional Director.   Positive Pest Management specializes in commercial, residential, and industrial properties. We’re in the trenches everyday, trouble shooting on site and committed to permanently solving all your pest problems in a cost-effective manner.

When it’s time to select a pest control company for cock roaches and other insects, Positive Pest Management is the best choice you can make. We have the experience and the expertise you need to exterminate any kind of pest problem and we have a real passion for pest removal. That keeps us a leader in the industry throughout out service area of NYC.

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