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Commercial Pest Control

Positive Pest Management will protect your NYC located business from insects and rodents. No matter the business, or industry you are in, Positive Pest Management has a pest control solution for you. Commercial Pest Control is our specialty and over the years we have been able to meet the diverse needs of Landlords, Tenants, Property Managers and Building Superintendents.

Aside from pest elimination, our primary focus has always been on relationships and making our clients look good while safeguarding their reputation. Unlike others in our industry, we understand that our job is to make our property management clients look good. Still, our primary attention is always on the extermination of insects and rodents, but we do that with transparency and open communication with our clients.

While our job is pest control, we are really in the business of maintaining relationships. With Positive Pest Management at your service, the headache of pest Control is one less worry for in the buildings we service. 

Pest Control for Property Managers

NYC building

New York City is home to some of the grandest buildings ever designed. There are buildings, like the classic landmark Flatiron Building on 23rd street that, at 22 stories, was one of the tallest buildings in New York City in 1902. New York is also home to some ultra-modern skyscrapers, like The Freedom Tower at One World Trade Center, which at 1,776 feet is the tallest building in the United States. 

One thing that these buildings have in common is that they each have their challenges when it comes to pests and pest control. Even the newest buildings in the city are at risk from different pests and rodents. Our company is experienced throughout NYC. However, with a large percentage of our clients in Manhattan, we understand the needs commercial buildings and multifamily units in this area very well. 

New York City Rodent Exclusion and Control

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In New York City, the rodent population far surpasses that of human beings. For the most part, New Yorkers take their co-existence with rats in stride. It is not uncommon for a New Yorker to just move aside to let a rat run by them on a subway platform or to have one run in front of you while biking or jogging on the paths by the rivers on either side of the island.  

It is a very different story when rats invade your building or your business. New York City has some of the most celebrated restaurants and hotels in the world. It is unsurpassed in the area of hospitality, but no one is immune from the threat of rodents descending in search of their next meal.

Whether you are a property manager with an office or residential tower, or an owner of a restaurant or hotel, Rodent Exclusion, and Extermination services are vital in keeping your business, property, guests, tenants, and residents safe and secure.

Bed Bug Control in NYC Properties

The issue of Bed Bugs across the region has been a problem for homeowners, property managers, and business owners. Bed Bugs can be difficult to detect and a challenge to eradicate. At Positive Pest Management, we have been training and investing in the latest technologies to help locate Bed Bug infestations and eliminate this pest problem in a safe way.

Getting rid of pests no longer means that you must fill your air with toxins that linger and can cause more issues down the road. Our technicians are all specially trained to handle Bed Bugs in any environment, and we continue to learn more and train as new information and new technologies are available.

Healthcare and Hospital Pest Control

hospital waiting room

Insects and rodents that find their way into medical facilities are capable of transmitting infectious disease and they can increase the risk of secondary infections. The cross-contamination from pests such as flies, rodents, or roaches is possible and in a medical setting pest become a major liability. 

When it comes to healthcare, pest control is a vital concern with some of the most delicate environments that are monitored continuously for the slightest incursion. Healthcare pest management is a serious business, and the technicians at Positive Pest Management are there to protect the buildings, doctors, nurses, and, most importantly, the patients that require a clean and safe environment.

New York City is on the leading edge of medicine, with some of the most talented doctors and surgeons practicing right here. Our hospitals are listed amongst the greatest in the country. Healthcare is a serious business across the region, and as such its reputation should be protected by dedicated pest control professionals. 

The Hospitality Industry, Pest Control, and Social Media

Restaurant kitchen

In the world of social media and instant communications and online reviews, it is more important now than ever to make sure you protect your business from rodents, cockroaches, or any other pests that are so common across New York City. For businesses and restaurant owners, reviews are a serious business, with a single bad review being a cause of concern.

In the worlds of restaurants and hospitality, nothing can lead to a bad review more than the sight of cockroaches and rats. These are pests that contaminate food and carry disease, and one lousy review accompanied by a picture can be disastrous. Pest Control for the hospitality business is a constant concern. They require regular inspections for infestations and exclusion opportunities.

Proactive treatment of vital areas will keep the pests away and keep your guests happy, and a 5-Star Review is a great thing to see.

Pest Control for Food Processing, Food Prep and Distribution in NYC

Two cooks cutting fish

No matter how clean, or well-run a food processing facility may be, pest problems are pervasive, especially for plants located in crowded urban areas. We strive to make sure that you are meeting mandated food processing regulations and standards, and also providing a more sanitary workplace for your employees and high-quality products for your customers and clients.

For food processing pest control, we believe integrated pest management (IPM) is the key to success. This practice (IPM), involves using the least-toxic pest control methods so your facility can meet or exceed all health, safety, and compliance guidelines set by federal and local health codes.

Positive Pest Management utilizes effective practices that have minimal effect on your employees, your facility, and the environment. Our pest management solutions adhere to the highest level of quality control standards. We help food processing facilities achieve standards set by third party auditors such as SQF, Silliker, IFS, AIB, NSF, FDA, the USDA, and others.

Owning a business or serving as a property manager means that you are dealing with new issues every day. Call Postive Pest Management today for an effective & Integrated Pest Management solution custom tailored your property. So if manage a high-rise building in Midtown or a luxury brownstone in the Upper East Side, you can rest asured your building can remain pest free with proactive pest control that protects the safety and comfort of your tenants.

Led by Benett Pearlman with over 20 years of New York City Pest Management experience, Positive Pest Management and our team of trained and certified Pest Control technicians are always at the forefront of Pest Control processes and technology.

Keep your business safe, and your guests and residents secure with Positive Pest Management.

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