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UES Insect Problems will be Quickly Eliminated with our Quality & Warrantied Extermination Work.

Positive Pest Management is a top rated and well respected extermination service that provides industry leading service  for the Upper East Side NYC.

We are committed to excellence since our beginnings some 15 years ago. Since then, we have built a premier company with the personnel, equipment, and experience to handle clients ranging from Homeowners, Apartment Building Complexes, Coops, Condos, Restaurants, Hospitals, Elder Care Facilities, and Commercial Establishments. Below are some of the major pests we handle on a regular basis.

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Bed Bugs Extermination

Our Extermination Services will quickly remove Bed Bugs in NYC. These insects have been found in all types of dwellings & transportation vehicles. Generally bed bugs hide in box springs, mattresses, bed frames, couches, chairs, window & door moldings, behind wall paper & pictures, under carpet, cracks in the hardwood floors, wall voids, and outlets.

Bird Mites Extermination

Certain types of mites are parasitic on humans & will occasionally infest buildings. Often associated with wild or domestic birds or rodents, mites are very small (about the size of the period in this sentence) and are closely related to ticks. Often infestations go unnoticed for some time. Our technicians can effectively exterminate bird mites throughout NYC.

Moth Extermination

Moths including Indian meal moths (Grain Moths, Pantry Moths) and clothing moths love to live in dirty, dark and humid places where nobody disturbs them for long periods. Occasionally these pest will invade your pantry or clothing closet. Our technicians can exterminate months in NYC safely.

Flea Extermination

Fleas are parasites that feed on blood, and seem to prefer humans, cats, dogs, opossums, and rodents. A flea can jump up to 8 inches high and are usually found on shoes, pant legs or blankets. Consequently your pet may infest your entire home with these pests. In these cases please call for our Flea Extermination Services throughout NYC.

Termites Extermination

Termites have wings that they shed once they have found a good place to build a nest. They have been around for at least 200 million years and their colonies eat non-stop. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, causing billions of dollars worth of property damage.

Roach Extermination

Cockroaches transmit diseases, contaminate food and induce allergies. If someone in your building has them, guess what? You have them too! Some female cockroaches mate once and are pregnant for the rest of their lives.

rodent extermination/ mice extermination/ rat extermination

Cockroaches transmit diseases, contaminate food and induce allergies. If someone in your building has them, guess what? You have them too! Some female cockroaches mate once and are pregnant for the rest of their lives.

Servicing the Upper East Side and Midtown for the last 15 years with high quality pest and rodent control

Positive Pest Management can generally provide for immediate service with experienced and professional technicians who will know your area and likely know your building.

Since we service the Upper East Side, every day, we have learned quite a bit about the area and some of its demographics and history….

As of recent census information, Twenty-one percent of the population was foreign born; of this, 45.6% came from Europe, 29.5% from Asia, 16.2% from Latin America and 8.7% from other. There are about 208,000 people residing in the Upper East Side., while the racial makeup of the neighborhood was 88.25% White, 6.14% Asian, 0.04% Pacific Islander, 2.34% African American, 0.09% Native American, 1.39% from other races, and 1.74% from two or more races. 5.62% of the population were Hispanic of any race. The Upper East Side contains a large and affluent Jewish population estimated at 56,000.

The Upper East Side is a hub for international business and is home to many international consulates and missions to the United Nations. It is an area steeped in rich history and tradition, diverse in culture, and forever growing and flourishing with the times.

The Upper East Side has flourished as a center of commerce and a destination for those seeking the best that Manhattan has to offer. Visitors will find world-class restaurants, flagship shopping, the finest luxury hotels, and internationally renowned museums and attractions. Residents of the Upper East Side have their choice of exclusive clubs, private schools, and fine real estate options along the many beautiful tree-lined streets and fashionable thoroughfares.