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NYC Demolition Prebaiting: Your Key to Rodent Mitigation around Construction Projects

Demolition prebaiting services in NYC

Before any major demolition or construction project in New York City, property owners must comply with the NYC Department of Health's strict regulations for rodent abatement. 

All structures must be thoroughly inspected and certified rodent-free before the Department will issue demolition permits.

Meet NYC Regulations for Rodent Abatement

Through years of extensive experience securing demolition permits in NYC, Positive Pest Management have developed specialized expertise in pre-demolition rodent control. 

Having inspected hundreds of sites across the five boroughs, we understand the NYC Department of Health's strict abatement requirements inside and out.

Our licensed technicians will conduct a comprehensive site inspection, looking for signs of infestation like rub marks, droppings, gnaw marks, burrows and nests. 

We identify potential rodent entry points and place tamper-resistant bait stations along the perimeter, secured and monitored daily to prevent access by people, pets or wildlife.

Our Effective Rodent Removal Process

We use a careful pre-baiting process before setting traps. This conditions rodents to the traps and bait first, resulting in higher catch rates when traps are activated. 

After pre-baiting, we seal up any entry points or holes so rodents cannot re-enter the property. Ongoing exclusion and prevention of access is key to long-term rodent control.

Our highly-trained technicians, all certified in humane animal removal methods, will monitor and re-bait all stations and traps daily until all signs of rodent activity have ceased. We inspect each station multiple times per day to ensure rapid resolution of any infestations discovered.

You can count on full documentation of our thorough inspection and baiting process. Review our 5-star client testimonials to see why owners trust us to deliver pest-free results on schedule.

Pest-Free Results

We will provide official certificates verifying your property is pest-free, meeting NYC Department of Health requirements for demolition permits. Let us put our expertise to work for you so your project proceeds on schedule.

Contact Positive Pest Management for immediate rodent control and humane removal before your demolition or construction project. 

Keep your plans moving forward and your property pest-free with our guaranteed results.

Thorough Documentation for Your Records and the NYC Department of Health

At Positive Pest Management, we don't just eliminate your rodent problem - we also fully document the process to meet New York City requirements.

After conducting a comprehensive site inspection and implementing our humane trapping and baiting program, we will compile a complete report of our rodent abatement work. 

This includes:

  • Details of the inspection findings and treatment plan
  • Types and locations of traps/bait stations deployed
  • Monitoring and re-baiting records
  • Number of rodents removed/relocated
  • Exclusion techniques used to seal entry points
  • Full description of baiting and removal process

We will provide official certificates of rodent abatement verifying your property is pest-free. Our documentation meets NYC Department of Health standards and allows demolition permits on schedule.

Our complete record keeping and certification provides peace of mind that rodent removal was done thoroughly and humanely. We eliminate headaches by handling all necessary paperwork for compliance.

Contact Positive Pest Management to schedule proactive rodent control and documentation for your upcoming demolition project. Keep your plans on track and your property pest-free. Our team is available 24/7 for immediate response.