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What to Do If You Find a Cockroach at Home

March 22, 2021
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Cockroaches are some of the worst pests to invade a house. Seeing one scurrying around in the kitchen at night might make your skin crawl, but there’s a huge chance that the cockroach isn’t alone. There might be a serious cockroach infestation in the house that you’re not aware of, which is why it’s better to start roach control measures as soon as you spot one.

So what should you do if there are cockroaches inside the house? Get rid of these pesky creatures at home by eliminating their food source, scheduling regular house maintenance, keeping the house clean, using different roach control methods, and calling pest control professionals.

How to Get Rid of Cockroach at Homes

Cockroaches are a common household pest that infests around 63% of American homes. They carry different bacteria and other pathogens that cause food poisoning, diarrhea, and other diseases. These pests multiply quickly once they settle into a new place, threatening the family’s comfort and safety.

As these pests should be out of the house as soon as possible, it’s important to develop a plan to get rid of them first. This allows you to decide on the best pest control method that won’t put the family’s health at risk. Here are some of the effective ways to get rid of cockroaches in a house:

Eliminate Their Food Source

Cockroaches eat just about anything available to them, but they prefer food that is rich in sugar, carbohydrates, and protein. These pests rely on their sense of smell to find food around the house. Avoid leaving food and leftovers out in the open by storing them in airtight containers instead. Choose a container made of thick material to prevent cockroaches and other pests from chewing through the material.

Garbage cans are also fair game to cockroaches. The trash contains a wide selection of food options for these pests. Ensure that all cans, bottles, and plastic containers are rinsed off before throwing them into the trash can. Always remember to secure the lid to make it inaccessible to these pests.

Schedule Regular House Maintenance

Regular house maintenance allows homeowners to find different areas that cockroaches might use as entry points or nests. These pests are especially fond of moist areas, so inspect the house for leaky drains and pipes. Ensure to repair or replace all damaged pipes so the roaches won’t utilize them as a water source.

The cracks in wooden cabinets and shelves might not seem like a big deal at first, but cockroaches use these holes as hiding spots. Paint and varnish are two options to seal the cracks in the wooden fixtures around the house. Homeowners should also consider replacing their wooden cabinets and shelves with metal or plastic ones.

Keep the House Clean

Maintaining a clean house, especially the kitchen, bathroom, and storage rooms, goes a long way when it comes to preventing cockroach infestations. Make sure to wipe off food spills, splatters, and debris immediately.

Aside from the food debris in the kitchen and other parts of the house, cockroaches are also attracted to the clutter in storage rooms. These pests utilize the untouched piles of cardboards and papers in the storage room to make a home. Make sure to get rid of old magazines and newspapers as soon as they’re not needed anymore.

Use Different Roach Control Methods

Effective cockroach control typically combines different treatment methods. It’s also important to remember that different species of cockroaches require different pest control methods. The exterminator comes up with a pest control plan after assessing the situation, but it may involve any of the following control methods:

  • Glue Strips – Glue strips trap cockroaches, which is why they’re useful for locating large infestations around the house. Strips placed in high traffic areas catch the most cockroaches. These same areas might also need extensive cockroach control treatments. Make sure to wear gloves when removing the glue strips from their place. Don’t touch the dead bodies of the cockroach or other insects that were caught in the glue strip.
  • Gel Bait – These baits are applied near crevices, under baseboards, and other areas like beneath refrigerators and inside unused cabinets to attract cockroaches. A roach that eats the bait usually returns to its nest and dies there. The poison from the bait also spreads to other cockroaches when they eat the remains of the poisoned cockroach in their nest. Although they’re extremely effective in getting rid of several cockroaches, gel baits are not enough to wipe out the entire colony.
  • Boric Acid – Boric acid is a common substance found in different household products. It’s low in toxicity for pets and humans, but very deadly for cockroaches. Boric acid is prone to misuse, which is why it’s usually used as the sole method for cockroach extermination. Make sure to always read the label and follow the instructions when using boric acid to maximize its effectiveness.

Call Pest Control Professional

A quick response is essential to prevent the cockroach infestation from worsening or spreading to nearby apartments, businesses, or other properties. If there are signs of infestation at home, make sure to contact a pest management professional for a reliable and long-term solution.

Is it better to call a professional for cockroach problems than try DIY solutions?

There are pesticides and cockroach baits available in the market to help homeowners deal with cockroach problems on their own. However, most of them are created with harsh chemicals that might be harmful to the family and the environment. Most of the time, these store-bought products are not enough to completely get rid of the cockroaches in the property.

On the other hand, pest control professionals have the right tools and techniques for handling the infestation safely and effectively. When you pay for professionals to eliminate the cockroach in the property, there’s no need to worry about picking or using the wrong products at home.

Quality Roach Extermination Work by Positive Pest Management

Positive Pest Management is a trusted pest control service that guarantees quality extermination work. Our highly trained specialists utilize IPM-based methods to ensure safe and effective exclusion work. We take pride in providing services that exceed the client’s expectations.

Protect your family and home by eliminating the cockroaches with the help of Positive Pest Management. Call us at (800) 294 – 3130 to get a free estimate for your business or apartment.

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