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What do Clothes Moths eat besides Wool?

November 18, 2020
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Materials that Moths eat:

They are attracted to natural fibers and that includes things anywhere in your home, not just limited to your wardrobe. Clothes moth larvae do damage by feeding on cashmere, cotton, human/animal hair, wool, and silk. These natural fibers have keratin which is a specific protein that the larvae convert into useful nutrients. Seagrass is also a popular natural material used for flooring that clothes moths love. Understanding what they eat will help you to formulate a clothes moth eradication plan. 

Where to check for Clothes Moths:

Inspect each room in your house and look for items that contain nature fibers. Clothes moths like to lay their eggs in dark protected locations that are unlikely to be disturbed. For example, it is best to inspect the rugs and wool carpets by lifting them up and checking the undersides for signs of webbing. The areas that would be good to check are the carpeting under and behind furniture, under beds, and behind wardrobes because those are dark areas. Check the backs of curtains facing the wall and near the floor where it is the darkest. Also, check at the top of the curtains in between the pleats because the moths can hide in there as well. If you have upholstered furniture with horsehair and canvas, the moths like to feed on that too. There can be signs of damage in cat and dogs beds, so getting machine washable bedding for your pets would be ideal. Any other soft furnishings like feather filled cushions or pillows should also be checked for moths. Teddy bears and vintage toys that are less likely to be played with are also good hiding spots for clothes moths because they contain natural fibers and will probably have toddler drool on them. Clothes moth larvae don't drink anything, so they get their moisture from clothing that gets sweaty like in the underarm area and the crotch areas of trousers and suits. 

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