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What Are Some Examples Of Premium Mouse Traps?

December 29, 2021
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Mouse traps have gone a long way from just a piece of cheese and a trigger mechanism - now, you have several lines of mouse traps to choose from. While the usual wooden mouse trap can work for the odd mouse or rat that just wandered by, you might be looking for something more heavy-duty for a severe infestation. This is where premium mouse traps come in.

So what are some of the premium mouse traps you can get? Premium mouse traps include electric mouse traps, catch-and-release mouse traps, and bait traps. Depending on the brand that you choose, you can also opt for extra features like Wi-Fi connectivity, no-touch disposal, and even have refillable baits.

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What Makes A Mouse Trap "Premium"?

You might be wondering what exactly makes a premium mouse trap deserve its title - or in most cases, the price. Their primary difference lies in the three separate factors: comfort, convenience, and catch rate. Let's discuss them more in detail.


This is arguably one of the most significant reasons why "premium" mouse traps are priced accordingly - unlike snap traps, glue traps, or other conventional mouse traps, premium mouse traps also prioritize the user's comfort and safety. Conventional mouse traps can be difficult to handle and may even injure the person setting the trap if handled improperly. Premium mouse traps are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible to both humans and their pets, which makes them easier to deploy around your home.


Convenience is another significant factor for premium mouse traps. Many conventional mouse traps need to be set, refilled, or even monitored manually before confirming a pest has been caught. Most premium mouse traps don't need this oversight - all you need to do is get it out of the packaging, fiddle with it for a few minutes, then put it in the mouse's path. Some types of mouse traps even make disposal a breeze, which can be extremely useful for people who are squeamish about handling a dead rat.

Catch Rate

Premium mouse traps are designed to be almost irresistible to mice, which means their catch rate is higher compared to your usual mouse trap with cheese. Because mice can quickly figure their way around conventional mouse traps, premium mouse traps are geared to catch multiple mice before needing either replacement or repair. Some models go even further by being designed as "mouse friendly" traps, which can safely catch the pest then remove it.

Overall, a "premium" mouse trap has a lot more versatility and features compared to your regular mouse trap. While the features may not always be what you're looking for, they’re all geared towards making the trap more efficient with catching mice.

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Types Of Premium Mouse Traps

While there are different types of traps that someone can use to catch mice, only a few have the features necessary to be considered a "premium" mouse trap. If you want to get rid of a small mouse or a stray rodent in your home (and are willing to spend a little extra), then these are the types of traps you should look out for:

Electric Traps

Electric traps are undoubtedly one of the more effective - and expensive - ways to catch a rat. The design of most electric traps is simple - by luring the rat to a chamber, it closes itself on them and delivers a high-voltage electric shock, killing the pest instantly. While others consider it a more "humane trap" compared to other methods like glue traps or snap traps, some people may still find the use of electric shocks too damaging or ruthless to the rodent.

The advantage of using electric traps is that the features that come with them work well with areas that have small children and/or household pets. Electric traps can often be configured to turn off on demand, or have safety switches that depower the unit when it’s not in use. This is particularly useful since the trap space that you'll most likely choose for your mouse trap is fairly close to high-traffic areas around the home like the kitchen.

Live-Catch Traps

Live-catch traps vary widely depending on the brand, but they all function the same way: by catching the mouse instead of killing it. This can be useful if you can't use chemicals or baits to catch mice, especially if you happen to be allergic to certain chemicals and have children around. Live-catch traps are easy to set, with some models alerting you remotely that a mouse has already been caught. You can even get a model that has the option for you to remove the trapped rat without ever having to make contact with it.

Most people will argue that the catch-and-release method of getting rid of mice doesn't really solve the problem, since you're just removing the mouse from your property. This may be the case especially if the owner doesn't take the necessary steps to prevent their house from hosting another mouse infestation. Combined with pest prevention strategies, live-catch traps are a friendlier alternative for humans, pets, and the mouse itself.

Bait Traps

Bait traps often dance on the line between conventional and premium mouse traps - but the difference between the two lies in the effectiveness of the bait and how easy it is to set. Most conventional bait traps require multiple baits in multiple places to maximize their efficacy at killing mice. However, premium bait traps are self-refilling, tamper-resistant, and only need a few trap spaces around your property to work.

While effective, bait traps are arguably some of the most troublesome of all premium traps to use, since it leaves behind the body of the mouse that you need to find and clean up. The toxin used in bait traps is also extremely potent, which means that you need to be careful with using it around small children and pets. But if neither of those is a concern, bait traps can be an extremely effective way of getting rid of small to medium mice infestations.

Keep in mind that no amount of premium mice traps will help you if you're dealing with a severe mouse infestation. In these cases, looking for a professional to help you is always the best call, and is more likely to give you better results than simply trying to take on an infestation by yourself.

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