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How To Keep Black Ants Out Of The House Naturally

February 27, 2022
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While black ants aren’t as destructive as termites, their presence in the home can still be a huge concern. It’s definitely not a pleasing sight to see a trail of carpenter ants all over your kitchen floors or counters. This is why when you spot ants at home, it’s important to immediately get rid of them to avoid escalating into serious problems. 

So what are some of the best natural methods to keep black ants away? The most commonly used natural ant repellents are peppermint essential oil, eucalyptus oil, lemon juice, black pepper, cinnamon, orange, and white vinegar. There are also non-toxic substances that you can buy in stores such as boric acid and diatomaceous earth. 

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Natural Ant Repellent Methods To Keep Them From Your Home  

When you notice that the ants in your home suddenly increase overnight, you should act fast and set up measures to avoid a severe infestation. Calling a professional pest control company is always the ideal solution for ant extermination, but there are also natural methods that you can try to minimize ant activity at home. 

If you want to deter ants from coming indoors, there are some powerful scents that these pests hate. You can use these smells to create a DIY repellent spray to keep ants at bay. Some of the natural scents that may work to fend off black house ants are: 

1) Peppermint oil 

How they work to repel ants: When it comes to an effective repellent for most common household pests, peppermint essential oils are the first thing that comes to mind. Most insects and pests will run away at its minty scent. Additionally, its strong smell can conceal their scented pheromone trail so other ants won’t be able to follow their path indoors. 

How to use them: First, you can create a peppermint oil spray by mixing at least 10 drops of the essential oil with 2 cups of water in a plastic bottle. You can spray this treatment onto the areas where there’s ant activity. Another method is to soak cotton balls in peppermint and leave them on surfaces where you see ants crawling.

2) Lemon juice 

How they work to repel ants: Lemon is a citrus fruit that contains d-limonene, an acidic oil that most species of ants find toxic and repulsive. It works similar to peppermint where it can disrupt the scent of their ant trails and confuse the other worker ants who are looking for food. 

How to use them: You can directly wipe lemon juice onto the visible ant trails onto the surfaces or floors. Likewise, you can place a few drops of lemon juice to the cracks or gaps in your wall where ants could be entering. As for the lemon peels, you can prepare them on a plate and leave them in cabinets to prevent ants from ransacking your food supplies.

3) Lemon essential eucalyptus oil

How they work to repel ants: Lemon eucalyptus oil is extracted from the natural lemon eucalyptus tree. It contains different chemical components such as citronella and it has a rich strong aroma that can keep ants away. Its scent can also mask the odor of some dead ants and remove its trails. 

How to use them: You can soak cotton balls in the lemon eucalyptus oil and leave them in areas where you usually see ants. You can also place a few drops into a cleaning solution and use it to wipe surfaces and kitchen slabs to keep it clean so that no ants can go near. 

4) Tea tree essential oil 

How they work to repel ants: Another essential oil that can work for repelling ants is tea tree oil. Like most essential oils, it has a rich camphor-like scent that can deter ants and it’s a natural astringent so it may help eliminate existing ants. 

How to use them: Mix at least 5 to 10 drops of tea tree oil with clean water in a bottle spray. Apply the spray around the spots where there is high ant activity. You can also choose to mix some drops of peppermint to balance out the strong scent of the tea tree oil. 

5) Pepper 

How they work to repel ants: Cayenne pepper or ground black pepper can also be a good solution for ant problems. The capsaicin content in pepper is a natural irritant for black ants and its smell is potent enough to keep them away. 

How to use them: Repelling ants with pepper is fairly easy. All you have to do is to sprinkle a generous amount of pepper powder on the places where ants like to hide and move. This can work great as a barrier to prevent ants from further exploring your home. 

6) Cinnamon 

How they work to repel ants: Cinnamon has a strong peppery and spicy scent, which makes it an extremely effective natural deterrent. This is available in different forms such as essential oils, ground cinnamon, or cinnamon sticks. 

How to use them: You can combine a few drops of cinnamon oil with water in a clean plastic spray bottle and apply them directly on their pheromone trail. You may also sprinkle some ground cinnamon powder around their usual path or near their points of entry. Meanwhile, if you’re using cinnamon sticks, it’s good to break them into smaller pieces and leave them on surfaces where ants frequently travel. 

7) Orange 

How they work to repel ants: Similar to lemon, oranges contain d-limonene and this compound is particularly found in high concentrations in the oil of the orange peels. 

How to use them: It’s important to use the essential oil from the oranges. To get this oil, remove the orange peels and place them in a blender. Mix them with a cup of warm water until you get the ideal solution that you can use for an ant spray. 

8) White vinegar 

How they work to repel ants: Most pests hate vinegar, and ants are no exception. While vinegar is colorless, it does contain a strong pungent scent which ants dislike. The smell of vinegar can be effective in hiding their trails indoors so that other ants will no longer be able to navigate your home. 

How to use them: You can utilize white vinegar to create a cleaning solution that you can wipe surfaces, counters, and floors with. Prepare a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water for cleaning or you can also combine them in a plastic bottle to create a natural ant spray. 

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Other Non-Toxic Substances You Can Use To Keep Ants Away 

boric acid to keep ants away for pest control

In addition to the natural ingredients which can be found at home, there are other non-chemical substances that can help repel black ants. These materials can be bought in stores like diatomaceous earth, boric acid, and chalk. 

 What Is ItHow To Use 
Diatomaceous earth or silicon dioxide This is a white powder that contains fossilized remains of algae or diatoms which have sharp microscopic edges that can cut through the bodies of ants.  Food-grade diatomaceous earth isn’t only an effective repellent but also a great ant killer. You can simply sprinkle them onto the common hideout areas of ants such as under cabinets, near window sills, below the sink, and around baseboards. 
Boric acid This is considered poisonous to ants but non-toxic and safe for use around humans and pets. It contains a chemical compound that can slowly kill ants once they’ve ingested it. This is usually used as an ingredient for ant baits or traps, typically mixed with a sweet food attractant to make sure that ants consume it. Another way to use boric acid is to mix it with water to create an ant spray. 
ChalkThis contains an active calcium carbonate ingredient which is a natural repellent for pests. This can be used to draw a line over surfaces to mask their pheromone trails or prevent their entry. When ants come across the chalk line, they’ll get  confused and stop them from entering indoors.

When To Get Professional Pest Control Help For Ant Infestations 

While black ants are generally harmless, other types of ants like carpenter ants are notorious wood-destroying pests. Instead of consuming wood like termites, they create tunnels and hollow galleries to their nests inside. This can cause wooden structures in your space to weaken. If left unaddressed, it can lead to significant property damage. Other signs that you need to get a pest control service for your ant problem are: 

  • You’ve tried the natural methods but they don’t seem to be effective in decreasing your ant problems
  • You notice multiple ant trails or live ants on your floors and countertops
  • You hear a hollow sound when you knock on the wooden surfaces in your home
  • You spot a suspicious-looking pile of soil in the yard or ant nest in the corners of your home

What Can Pest Control Experts Do For Your Ant Problem?

Pest control professionals are knowledgeable in different techniques and methods to address your specific pest problem. Here are some of the ways that pest control experts can help deal with your ant infestation:

  • They can help seal possible entry points that ants use to enter your home 
  • They can set up needed barriers within the perimeter of your home to eliminate their access indoors 
  • They can place ant traps or baits to get rid of existing carpenter ants 

After getting the pest control service, there are preventive measures that you can do to assure that the ants don’t return. Here are some reminders to ensure an ant-free environment: 

  • Clean all surfaces and sweep floors regularly to remove any food debris and water spills 
  • Avoid leaving leftover food overnight and place them in the refrigerator 
  • Store snacks and pet food in airtight plastic containers
  • Wash all dirty dishes immediately after eating 
  • Take out the trash regularly and make sure to cover the bin

Trusted and Reliable Pest Control Services At Positive Pest Management 

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It’s always a good idea to use natural repellents to prevent the breakout of a serious ant infestation. But when it comes to efficient ant elimination, it will take more than natural home remedies to get rid of them for good. This is when you turn to our team of experts at Positive Pest Management. 

We are a trusted and experienced pest control company proudly serving the communities of New York and Nassau County Long Island. We have dedicated specialists in pest control who can provide customized solutions for your household pest problem. If you need urgent help with your ant infestation problems, contact us today and schedule an initial home visit.

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