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Fighting the NYC Rodent Invasion

August 3, 2020
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Now is the Best Time to Fight A Rodent Invasion!

The Rodent problem in New York City is undeniable.  To make matters worse, New York City rats are busier during the winter than at any other time of the year.

Rats are looking to get out of the cold while scavenging for food.  If they find their way into your building, they will damage drywall, gnaw through wiring creating a fire hazard and start to breed.

The best time to fight the rats is before they get in.

Positive Pest Management offers pest and rodent exclusion services!  We will come to your building or facility and do a complete inspection finding all of your building vulnerabilities.  We find the places that the pests and rodents can get into your building such as through cracks in the foundation or spaces around pipes leading into your property.

We will also make recommendations regarding conditions that will increase your chances of having a problem, such as trees against the building or placement of garbage bins or storage facilities.

If you already had a rodent issue, Positive Pest Management has the experience and skill to handle any extermination situation related to rats or mice.  Typically, these pests are controlled with traps, baits, as well as rodent exclusion, which helps to reduce places where they can harbor.

Operated by Benett Pearlman who is a former 10-year Regional Director of the New York State Pest Management Association. Positive Pest Management specializes in commercial, residential, and industrial properties. We’re in the trenches everyday, trouble shooting on site and committed to permanently solving all your pest problems in a cost-effective manner.

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