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Do you know what Silverfish look like?

October 16, 2020
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Silverfish are very unappealing bugs, like most are. They are wingless insects that are covered with silver scales and have 3 antennae-like things called bristle tails that come out of the end of their abdomen. Silverfish are only a half inch long and are very fast insects. They like to live in moist and warm spots, hiding in tight cracks. You can find them anywhere on your house like under roof shingles and in your house as well. Silverfish love the glue on wallpaper and books, and they love the sizing on clothing. To get to the paste in the wallpaper, they are known to eat irregular shaped holes. People often mistakenly think they have clothes moths because of the small holes in the fabrics like linen, silk, and cotton, but it can actually be silverfish. 

An easy start to eliminating the silverfish is to first find the room they are infesting, turn down the temperature and reduce the humidity. You can reduce the humidity by using a dehumidifier, removing standing water, fixing water leaks, and by ventilating attics and closed rooms. If you want to speed up the elimination process, you can apply insecticide products in wall voids and other hiding places like attic insulation. Pest control products you can use for silverfish are Drione Dust to get rid of moisture and Intice Granular Bait. Other alternatives can be 20 Mule Team Borax, baby powder, or plaster mix on a moist rag. There are also silverfish packets that you can buy that will attract them and kill them. You can place the packets in closets and under rugs. 

Silverfish are able to bite, but if they bite a human they are unaware of it. Their bites do more damage to books and clothing. Silverfish lay up to 50 eggs at a time, taking several weeks to hatch which is considered slow reproduction. They can live one year without a food source and up to eight years in lifespan. Seeing a lot of silverfish means they have been in your house for quite some time. Silverfish are unable to climb up flat surfaces, so they are often found in sink basins or bathtubs. This is because they search for moisture. Silverfish can be accidentally brought into homes through furniture or old cardboard boxes. It’s best to examine these things before being brought inside. Indoors, they can be found near humid, dark places like closets, bookshelves, attics, and small spaces in between walls. If you find silverfish outside, they will most likely be found under tree bark, or in birds’ nests. 

Keeping darker areas and inhabited areas of your house clutter free is the best way to prevent a silverfish infestation. Food sources for them are the glue on cardboard boxes and the glue on book bindings. You can take away potential hiding places by sealing up cracks and crevices in the attic or basement with a non-organic caulk. Adding more light to darkened areas and repairing leaking plumbing to eliminate water will also drive silverfish away for good. 

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