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Bugs that enter through pipes, drains, and overflow drains!

January 12, 2021
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Insects like cockroaches, earwigs, waterbugs, silverfish, etc. need 3 things to survive; food, water, and shelter. Your pipes and drains provide all of that for them, so there’s a chance they might surprise you at any moment. Luckily, there are ways to kill them and prevent them from coming back. These insects are able to live in your pipes because they provide shelter from predators. Living in the drains provides them with food and water which is the gunk that lines the pipes. Also, the debris in the pipes can provide nesting material for their eggs. 

You can start your prevention process by checking the plumbing in your house. If you notice any openings or cracks where the plumbing runs through the floors or the walls, it’s best to seal them up with caulk. Any sweating pipes that you have will create more moisture, so wrap them in insulation as well to avoid those insects. To keep your drains clean, treat them once a month with drain cleaner. These insects are also more active at night, so the best way to keep them from making it out of the drains and overflow drains is to place a cover over it, also known as a drain stopper. 

Clean your bathrooms and kitchen regularly, store food in tightly sealed containers, and don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight because then the insects are more likely to crawl out of the pipes and drains if they are drawn by the smell of something in your home. If you notice that you already have insects in your pipes, try and figure out which ones you see because some will carry diseases and others like earwigs, will bite you. Specific pesticides work well on specific insects so that’s why it’s important to know which ones you have in your home. Depending on what insect you have, determines what type of elimination product you will use as well. There are insect baits, gels, powders, and sprays that will get rid of these unwanted house guests. Make sure that whichever product you choose, is kept away from children and pets for their safety. If you are unable to figure out which insect you have or unable to eliminate them on your own, please do not hesitate to call us for professional help. 

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