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Best Bait for Grease Ants

March 22, 2021
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Grease ants are some of the smallest pests you might find inside the house. While they’re tiny in size, the nuisance they cause is troublesome for many homeowners. The best way to eliminate the grease ants at home is to lure them out and find their colony’s nest.

So what’s the best bait for grease ants? As their name implies, these ants prefer greasy food that’s high in protein and fat like oil and peanut butter. Ant baits are also effective when luring grease ants out of their nests.

What Food Bait Do Grease Ants Like?

According to the Nation Pest Management Association (NPMA), ants are the number one nuisance pest in the country. Most pest control professionals even agreed that ant infestations are getting harder to contain.

One of the most notorious ants that visit homes is grease ants (Solenopsis molesta). They are only 1/16 inch long. Aside from their small size, they’re also distinguishable because of their shiny bodies that are yellow to dark brown in color.

These pesky creatures are usually attracted to greasy and high-protein food. They’re tiny pests that get food from the crumbs and leftovers left by humans. They’re also known for stealing the food stored in nearby ant nests. Grease ants also eat the remains of dead insects if they manage to find one.

Grease ants aren’t attracted to sweets like other species of ants, which is why it’s better to use meat, oil,  and other greasy food when luring them out. They also eat fruits and sugar-filled soft drinks. These pests also eat the grease off fast-food wrappers, which is why they’re also found in garbage cans.

Are Store Bought Ant Baits Worth it?

Ant baits are the most common treatment choice for eliminating the grease ant infestation at home. If the pesky creatures are always in your kitchen, store-bought ant baits might help keep them out. Here are a few things to know about store-bought ant baits first before using them at home:

Do Grease Ant Baits Work?

Ant baits are extremely effective when it comes to eliminating the grease ants at home. But for the bait to have the best results, it’s crucial to pick the right kind of bait for every situation. It might take some time to find the best product, but most ant baits are a permanent solution for grease ant infestations.

Ant baits bought from the market are mixed with oil to lure out the grease ants. The recommended ratio is one drop of oil for every 5 to 10 drops of bait. If this mixture isn’t enough to attract grease ants, try using another type of oil or increase its amount in the solution.

Most store-bought ant baits work in just two days. They were created to kill entire colonies, so you’re bound to witness some major changes with the ant infestation within the next few weeks.

Common Types of Grease Ant Bait

There are two main types of ant baits found in the market: solid and liquid baits. Solid ant baits are available in granule or powder form. They’re usually applied along the path of grease ants or directly on their nests. Worker ants take a small portion of the solid ant bait and return it to their nest, causing more grease ants to die.

Liquid ants work in the same way. The worker grease ants ingest the liquid and carry it back to the nest without digesting it. This allows them to distribute the liquid ant bait quickly to the rest of the ant colony. Liquid ant baits are better than solid baits because they work more quickly and efficiently.

Are Ant Baits Safe for Children and Pets?

Since store-bought ant baits contain harmful ingredients, pets might experience health complications when they ingest them. Most of them are not fatal unless the pet manages to ingest most of the ant bait.

Food baits are also attractive for pests, so make sure to keep them out of their reach. Many ant baits available in the market today use ingredients that don’t attract pets, so make sure to read the information on the label first using the ant bait.

Are Homemade Grease Ant Baits Effective?

Pesticides and ant baits bought in the market are usually loaded with toxic substances that might be harmful to humans and pets. Homeowners rely on natural ingredients to save more money or keep their family out of harm’s way.

How to Create Grease Ant Baits at Home

Boric acid is an effective yet minimally toxic substance that kills grease ants. It’s usually combined with a food bait to lure ants out of hiding. But like using any other pesticide, it’s crucial to read and follow the instructions carefully because boric acid may be harmful if mishandled.

Boric acid is usually sold in hardware stores or pharmacies. Make sure to buy the powder or granule form if you’re using it as ant bait. Mix about half a teaspoon of the boric acid with two tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of peanut butter. Both honey and peanut butter are excellent grease ant baits because they’re high in sugar and protein.

How to Apply Grease Ant Bait

Place the ant bait where there are most ants. It’s crucial to place the bait along their regular pathway to attract more of them quickly. Put the ant bait in wax paper or cardboard and secure it in place using masking tape. The grease ants usually work within a few hours if it’s placed in a good location. If the bait doesn’t attract grease ants after a while, move the bait to a different place.

How Grease Ant Bait Eliminates Grease Ants at Home

Boric acid is a stomach toxin for grease ants. The worker ants carry the food bait mixed with boric acid to their nest. All the ants that eat the bait are guaranteed to die after a while. Scientists are not sure how boric acid exactly affects the ants’ metabolism, but the chemical has been a reliable ant toxin for years.

While the boric acid only has low toxicity, it’s still important to keep pets and children away from the bait. Store the ant bait in an airtight container if you made too much of the mixture. Always remember to replace the ant bait every once in a while because dried peanut butter won’t attract the grease ants well.

Here are a few tips to make the ant bait work more effectively:

  • Consider the bait’s location. It should be placed in a spot where the grease ants travel. The bait should be out of children and pets’ reach. The bait shouldn’t be placed near sinks and countertops because the water might contaminate the mixture.
  • Ensure that there’s enough bait on the location at all times. If the grease ants manage to take away all of the bait before you add more, they might leave the area and look for another food source. Larger ant colonies require more ant baits placed in multiple areas.
  • There should be no other food near the bait that might distract the grease ants. Make sure that there are no greasy surfaces or leftovers near the location before placing the ant bait.

Get Rid of Grease Ant Colonies at Home with Positive Pest Management

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