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Does Ammonia Keep Rats Away?

January 2, 2021
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There are different ways to keep rats away from your house and using ammonia is one of the most common methods. Some reasons why ammonia is so commonly used as a rodent-repellent is because it’s easily found on the market and it can be used in a variety of different ways.

But does it really work: will ammonia actually keep rats away from your place? The answer is yes, but it might not keep them away for long. This chemical has a scent that repels rats. If used correctly, you can keep the pests away for a significant amount of time.

Why Ammonia Keeps Rats Away

Ammonia is a colorless gas with an apparent smell. It is made of nitrogen, hydrogen, and water and is one of the most commonly produced chemicals in the United States. This chemical is usually used in fertilizer or as an ingredient in cleaning products. 

One of the main reasons why ammonia repels rats is because these pests have a strong sense of smell. Rats are nocturnal animals, so their sense of smell can help them easily find food even in the dark. 

Their strong sense of smell is also used to detect any danger that is around them. For these rodents, the smell of ammonia imitates the same scent of urine of their predators. This makes the rat think that a predator is nearby and so they avoid it, making ammonia an effective method to keep rats away. This strong ammonia odor is the biggest factor in making it a great rat repellent. 

Aside from its strong smell, ammonia can also damage the respiratory systems of rats, making it an extremely toxic chemical for rodents. One study showed that its presence in an environment can damage the trachea of rats. Similarly, other household items like peppermint oil, castor oil, and onions can deter these pests, for the same reasons as ammonia: they have a strong scent.

Common Methods to Use Ammonia as Rodent-Repellent

Using ammonia is an excellent method to keep rats away for a while. Before using the chemical as a repellent, you should take note of the places in your house where rats are present. These rodents are commonly found in dark areas of the house, near the walls. This helps in preventing any more rats from entering and breeding in your home. 

One of the common ways to use ammonia as a rat repellent is to simply use the chemical as it is and pour it around the perimeter of your house. But if this is unfeasible, then you can choose one of the methods below: 

1. Homemade Rat Poison

To use ammonia in homemade rat poison, simply mix around 2 cups of ammonia, 1 cup of water, and 1 tablespoon of detergent in a bowl. You may leave this poison in places where you usually see rats. This is a great way to scare the rodents away and perhaps keep them away for a few weeks, giving you time to find other ways to protect your home.

2. Soaking Rags in Ammonia

If you don’t want to leave bowls of ammonia-mix around your house, you may want to consider soaking rags in ammonia instead. To do this, you can follow the ammonia solution stated above and then soak some rags or some cotton balls in it. 

You can put these rags or cotton balls around your house. This is an excellent way to seal any entry points of these rats into your home. These should be replaced at least every few weeks to maintain its effectiveness.  

3. Ammonia Spray

Since ammonia has a pungent smell that can leave an unpleasant odor around your house, you can also consider using ammonia spray. This method may be less effective but is more appropriate for those who don’t want to leave stronger ammonia solutions around their home. 

To do this, simply put the ammonia solution stated above inside a spray bottle. You simply want to spray this in places where you find rats to deter the pests. It is important to keep in mind that ammonia can be dangerous, is you should be careful when using this chemical. You should follow all safety precautions before using ammonia as a rat repellent. Prolonged exposure to ammonia can cause eye damage and throat irritation. 

When using ammonia, remember to place it in well-ventilated areas to prevent inhalation. You should also keep this chemical away from any flammable materials because it can cause explosions. It is also important to know which substances react badly with ammonia, such as chlorine bleach, other halogens, and heavy metals. 

Rat Exterminator at Positive Pest Management

Using ammonia can only be a temporary fix to a rat infestation. This method can be effective but is not a permanent solution to the problem. For a more effective solution to ensure that all rats are eliminated from your place, you may want to call professional help. Here at Positive Pest Management, we provide professional rodent control services in all of New York City and Lower Westchester County. 

Our team of professional staff is here to provide superb service at competitive prices. We serve many industries including apartment units, healthcare facilities, and hospitality establishments. You can trust us with meeting your diverse needs regarding rodent and pest control. Simply give us a call whenever the need arises. 

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