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Ridding Your Home of Termites

Posted by admin | 27 Apr 2017

  Positive Pest Management Exterminators provide the removal and prevention of termites and the damage they cause.  No matter how beautiful…

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Eradicating Fleas from Your Home

Posted by admin | 21 Sep 2016

    Active flea season depends on where you live; some places have to contend with them year round while others get to take a break…

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Spider Beetles

Posted by admin | 27 Jul 2016

  Spider beetles are small beetles belonging to the family Anobiidae. There are three different spider beetles that we refer to. They are the…

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Identifying the Palmetto Bug aka(Water Bug) in Your Home

Posted by admin | 15 Jun 2016

The Palmetto Bug is a commonly used nickname for the American cockroach. Many refer to the Palmetto bug as water bug, flying water bug and the Bombay…

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When The Bees Sting

Posted by admin | 27 May 2016

A bee’s sting holds on and attaches itself to the affected area. When a bee tries to pull away from the person it stings it dies as a result to its…

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Can you depend on man’s best friend?

Posted by admin | 23 May 2016

  Man’s best friend has proven to be efficient and useful for helping detect a wide range of things such as drugs, bombs, fugitives, mold,…

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Be Weary of Rat Infestations

Posted by admin | 21 May 2016

Rats are some of the most damage causing rodents in the United States.  They consume contaminate food, damage property and transmit parasites and…

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The German cockroach

Posted by admin | 25 Apr 2016

German cockroach   The most common cockroaches that are found in households are the German cockroach. Before you get the pleasure to see…

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Is your Dog Giving You Fleas?

Posted by admin | 22 Apr 2016

Fleas have been around for millions of years sucking the blood of animals and humans. A flea’s life cycle has several stages that undergo a…

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Indian Meal Moth Infesting Your Panty

Posted by admin | 11 Apr 2016

The Indian meal moth is considered a good looking moth that has a long wing expansion of about 5/8 inches. The wings are usually grey, with the rear…

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Are bird mites nesting on your window sills?

Posted by admin | 05 Apr 2016

Birds, cute and lively vertebrates could be leaving you a nasty present. Birds can carry various parasites. While these parasites can come in all…

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Clothes Moths in NYC: Do you have holes in your clothes?

Posted by admin | 27 Mar 2014

Ever wonder why you are finding holes in your “securely” stored wardrobe? I just may have the answer you’re looking for…. Clothes…

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NYC Bedbug Epidemic? Learn the facts.

Posted by admin | 27 Mar 2014

As many of you know bedbugs are infesting homes nationwide. Well, if you didn’t know, here’s your warning. Bedbugs are a nearly microscopic…

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Cockroach FAQ for NYC Residents

Posted by admin | 27 Mar 2014

  Despite the recent bedbug epidemic, cockroaches are still one of the most common pests rapidly infesting NYC homes. When roaches start…

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